When buying shoes make sure that they are made out of genuine leather. The distinctive smell of leather is easy to pick up. Ask your shop assistant for further help when looking for the leather sign. The best quality is achieved when the shoe sole is stitched together with the frame, and not glued. Our range of Genuine leather mens shoes:

Our range of Genuine leather mens shoes.

A good shoe polish, a soft brush and an old piece of cotton will make sure your leather shoes will sustain the daily influence of the city dust or even rain. Although it is recommended not to expose leather shoes to rain, with the right care the leather will be sealed and protected. Also ask for special treatment sprays, if available.

Cleaning Shoes

One last thing:
As with every other piece of your wardrobe: Let the shoes rest after they have been worn. The best way  of doing so is to use a wooden shoe stretcher. The wood absorbs the moisture, while the rest of the shoe is put back into shape, at least for a day or two. This prevents the shoe from creasing, which, in turn, extends the lifeline of your shoe significantly.